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27th Sep

Mix-n-Match:Fun Ways to Add Color and Style to Your Grooms-Wear

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Through our research we’ve stumbled upon some great ideas over the years. This is one we absolutely love! For brides-to-be out there who are unsure of how to dress up their beau, check out some of these great ideas!

If you’re opting for a more traditional black tie affair, a tux is always a sure bet but why not have a little fun with it!

Mix and match your men in suspenders and hats! Throw on variations in ties and bow-ties! Incorporate pops of color with differing boutonnieres, shirts, vests, and coats! When choosing colors and varying patterns, the rule of thumb is to pick 3-4 colors and stick with those throughout. One groomsman could have a plaid orange, red and yellow bowtie while the others could have a striped tie or a checkered hat of the same colors. How about drawing a little inspiration from the colors found in the groom’s tie? Throw in dashes of plaid, striped, floral, and checkered patterns flushed with bright hues of varying colors! What a fun and creative way to tie in your wedding color scheme throughout! Take a look at some of the great photos we found!

Photo credits in order from top to bottom: Jessica Peterson, RedHeartPhoto, KampPhotography

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